Common Questions

Here are some common questions clients and people who have used MealShare ask, so hopefully they make getting and staying healthy and happy easy for you.   

  1. What service(s) should I order in MealShare? Great question. The beauty of great nutritionists is they can answer almost any question you have or help any situation, but the hard part is getting a good one and making it tailored to your specific needs.  That's why we've chosen only the best nutritionists and we've designed our services to be very fluid - not one-size fits all.  Generally, we'd recommend getting a Personal Plan to start, then using the Pro Reviews to send pictures and questions you have into your Pro, to ask any nutrition questions you have and make sure you're staying on the right path to reach your goals.

  2. What's in a "Personal Plan"? Another great question. The Personal Plan you receive just depends on what your goals are and how you and your Pro decide is best to tackle them. Some people like having a defined plan, many people don't. Some just want some fresh meal prep ideas or recipes that fit with their family's eating sensitivities or taste. It just depends. We look at this as a free-flowing service, but the common thread is that it's whatever it needs to be to  help you meet where goals, feel better, and be healthier and happier.

  3. Why do I need Pro Reviews? You might not. But, if you ever find yourself asking a search engine about your nutrition questions, only to find 10 websites that all contradict each other and leave you unfulfilled, in "information paralysis", or any combination of the two, you'll probably like Pro Reviews a whole lot. With each Pro Review, a credentialed nutritionist will give you comprehensive feedback, often including website links, so you can trust the website you're on.

  4. Do I need to snap a pic of everything I eat? No. We encourage you to snap pictures of as much of what you eat as possible, because the more you do, the more mindful you'll become of what you're putting in your mouth. But, we're realistic, so just do your best. And most importantly, be honest, that's the only way to eat better and feel better - you can lie to us, just don't lie to yourself;)

  5. Should I only take pictures of what I eat, or can I send my Pro a picture of a food package label if I have a question about it? Or, a screenshot of a website I have a question about? Send in anything and everything! Honestly, the beauty of using pictures and having real humans answer your questions, is that you can ask anything. Just make sure to ask the question when logging your pic in the "How did this make you feel?" text box.

  6. I don't see the response for my Pro Review or Personal Plan, where is it? Most likely in your Activity Feed.  It says "Show Pro Response", so just tap that and the Pro Review will open. If not, tap the Menu in the upper right corner and "Messages" - your Pro may have sent you a message to ask you something about your picture, what you're looking for from them, or just to confirm their understanding of your goals. Make sure you check your Messages before feeling like they don't love you!


If you don't see the answer to your question above, you can always email us at, and someone will get to you as soon as possible


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 Thank you...from all of us on the MealShare Team

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