The Anti-Diet

Why try a diet when you know it's going to fail?

Listen to your body, connect with a Pro, and make healthier eating habits for life, not just a month or two.

What Pros Are Saying

"Snapping pictures is an invaluable way for my clients who are trying to lose weight and/or improve their health. But even with the best intentions, clients may not be successful with snapping pictures along or other apps that require a lot of time to input data—and often they feel unsure about finding the “correct” item to log. MealShare makes it easy to keep a more consistent and thorough pictures that we can use to elicit positive, lifelong change.”


-Liz P.



You just download and sign up


Snap a pic of what you’re eating


Tap a button, Get a Pro

For just $19.99/month, you get up to 12 Meal Reviews, each containing the Pro’s rating and: 

  1. Why they rated they did – their compassionate, constructive “Review”

  2. Healthy ideas and alternatives for next time

  3. Websites you can research – so you can stop going to the Search Engine!

Pro Review
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